Roots run deep. Take a look behind the scenes of On Swann and learn about our philosophy of seasonal and locally sourced cooking. 


Cee Bee Farms

Cee Bee's location in western Florida is prized by the citrus growers lucky enough to own land there. In addition, they maintain some of the rarest heirloom trees in Florida, ensuring a unique crop.


Uriah’s Urban Farms has changed the farming game. Through its revolutionary iVertical Farm growing system, the nourishing essence and unbelievable flavors of living plants can now be delivered directly to your plate.

Aquafarm organics

Aquafarm Organics’ mission is to provide the highest quality vegetables while using environmentally friendly, sustainable farming techniques to support the health and well-being of our customers, employees, learning institutions, and partnered business organizations.

Photography by R. Archambault